in International Business Law

Session 2019

Dear Applicant,

The LL.M. in International Business Law is an innovative training program, in Law, that was created in the framework of the Sorbonne - Assas International Law School, first European Law School in Europe, Asia and Africa, thanks to the strengths of the leading French Law Panthéon-Assas University Paris 2. It has four campuses: one in Paris (Pantheon-Assas-University), one in Dubai, another one in Singapore (currently at INSEAD) and the last one in Mauritius (Medine Village).

Our goal is to enlarge lawyers, new managers and jurists' knowledge on specific European and International Law issues.

The purpose of the admissions procedure is to identify evidence of qualities to be selected and to select classes with an overall balance of academic competence and work experiences.

This document contains all the material and information you need to make an application to the LL.M. in International Business Law. All applications should be submitted online (see instructions below). Upon approval of Pantheon-Assas University, the application form, together with the letter of offer, shall be binding and deemed to be a contract between the student and Pantheon-Assas University.

Conditions for application, in Paris, Dubaï, Singapore or Mauritius
  • Master's degree in Law (or equivalent)
  • or
  • Alternative diploma and four years' professional experience
  • A very good English level is required
  • As the case may be, an interview with Board of Professor
Academic year
  1. Nine months, from October 2018 till June 2019. (Dubaï campus : January to December 2019)
  2. Organized around 10 main seminars + Conferences:
    1. International Contracts
    2. Mergers and Acquisitions
    3. International Capital Markets
    4. States and International Trade Law
    5. Competition Law
    6. International Financing
    7. Environmental and Sustainable Development law
    8. International Arbitration
    9. Taxation Law
    10. Intellectuel Property Law
    11. and
    12. Management by Insead Professors (Only in Paris and Singapour)
  3. All courses, given in English, are taught by Professors from Pantheon-Assas University as well as professionals from the Business world.
  4. Requirements for graduation: final exam immediately organized after the end of each module (oral examination or written examination or case study). The final exam may be completed by a continuous assessment. Each of the 10 modules is graded out of 20. To graduate, the student must obtain 100 out 200. Results will be communicated in June. The graduation ceremony will take place at the end of the academic year.
Application deadlines and decisions
  • Application exclusively via internet.
  • An application fees of 80 EUR has to be paid before you can download the forms.
  • Deadline for receiving application :
    - Singapore campuses : 15th of September 2018
    These date might be postponed on demand: please contact Rainier Adel CHABIR.
    Numbers limited.
  • Decisions within two weeks except during the French School holidays in April and August.
Tuition fees

The current tuition fee for self-financing and company-sponsored participants is 17,000 EUR for Paris and Singapore Campuses, 12,000 EUR for Mauritius campus and 35,000 EUR for Dubaï Campus (in one full deposit).

Participants are expected to take full responsibility for financing their year and to manage their own financial affairs.

The financial plan must be established according to the following expected payment dates :

  • First deposit upon receiving acceptation letter: 4,000 EUR
  • Final deposit by the 30th of September 2018: 13,000 EUR + enrollment fees (approx. 300€).
  • For French Bar students before the 1st of January 2018: 11,000 EUR + enrollment fees.


  • 35,000 EUR for the Dubaï Campus
  • 17,000 EUR plus enrollment fees for the Paris and Singapore Campus
  • 15,000 EUR plus enrollment fees for French Bar Students, Singapore Campus
  • 12,000 EUR plus enrollment fees for the Mauritius Campus

P.S. This amount does not include the social security (health care for those below 28 years old) and accommodation.

Please don’t wait until the last minute to apply, to facilitate administration procedures.

Hope to see you in the classes!


Guillaume LEYTE
Professor of law
Dean of administration and studies


Stephane Braconnier
Professor of law
Dean of administration and studies


Daniel COHEN
Professor of law
Dean of administration and studies


Professor of law
Dean of administration and studies